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Requests for AV, Projectors and related equipments

With regard to the above matter, we would like to inform you that, for AV services and related equipment has transitioned from the Estate Office to Unidigital (OPEM).

 For any inquiries or requests, kindly reach out to

 Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


WE Helpdesk

Welcome to WE Helpdesk

This system allows you to drop your complaint (or request) on any Estate related matters.

We hope this system will simplify the way you make a complaint which can be tracked, interacted and retrieved complaint easily via a single thread (ticket).

Grateful if you could drop suggestions and comments to improve our helpdesk system and we thank you in advance for your kind cooperation in helping us to improve our services to the university.

Logistic for organising events

Please use "Logistic" for requesting your logistic requirements for organising your events.  This would include requirements for chairs and tables, electrical points, aircondition at specific time if the event is not at normal working hours, cleaning and labour services if needed and other specific logistic requirement.

WE Helpdesk and e-Help

WE Helpdesk caters to assist you in any building infrastructure and surrounding facilities (Estate related matters).  Other than that you can go to e-help team to log your complaint.

Request by students

Students / student clubs, shall get approval from your respective Assistant Registrar (AR) by attaching your scanned, approved letter for your REQUEST only.  However. all complaints can be submitted directly using the form in this system without the need for approval.

CC the ticket to your superior / colleague

Dear all,

In order to cc (Carbon Copy) your complaint or request (the ticket) to your Superior or / and colleagues, you only need to type multiple email addresses in Email box space provided by adding a 'coma' and a space after your email address.  For example:,,,

Only your first email will be considered as the person who are making complaints / request.  The following email addresses will be receiving the same tickets for their references.  They can also receive email notifications whenever WE Helpdesk team replies to the ticket and also whenever the ticket is being closed or resolved.


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